Pioneer the record, limited edition ‘vinyl 5″ postcard’ for sale

In addition to the augmented reality artwork of Daddy long legs in Brighton using the Pioneer AR app, I am pleased to announce a limited edition ( just 100 ) special postcards made by injection moulding technique that can be played on a normal record deck !

If you like to order this limited edition vinyl postcard now, please email me for an invoice and PayPal details. It is just £12.50 plus £1.50 UK shipping, international rates available from my Discogs market place and from Per Diem on Bandcamp

In addition, it also triggers a 3D version of a Technics record deck whilst playing the record using a special AR app for most Android phones !

With a dub aesthetic and inspired by Mark Stewart and the Maffia’s ‘Jerusalem’ from ‘Learning to Cope with Cowardice’ album mixed in with William Burroughs, HG Wells and Elgar’s Nimrod variations, the music is made by myself and partner in ‘PerDiem’ band.

We orginally considered waiting to release it on Bandcamp on 24.12.21 which is the next date of ‘Bandcamp Fridays’ when the organisation have waived their fees and given their share directly to artists and independent labels.

However we have released – click here for Per Diem on Bandcamp

Published by Luciana

Artist & consciousness researcher, using augmented reality and brainwave monitors. Visiting lecturer for MA Digital Media Arts in Brighton University.

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