Pioneer’s 125th anniversary, artist walk and talk 28.11.21 at 12pm

Pioneer celebrates its 125th anniversary of its inaugural journey in the sea, from Banjo Groyne (seafront) in Kemp town Brighton, so this sunday I will meet there, offering a short historical talk and documenting its departure using my free augmented reality app Pioneer AR for iOS and Android devices.
Links to download the free ‘Pioneer AR’ app are here

Do join us, by midday as it departs at 12.30pm we will walk along the promenade towards the Marina, weather permitting to view it out at sea.

Download Android or Apple app

The app ‘Pioneer AR’ is free for Android and Apple iOS phones and iPads
It can trigger an experience directly from the special postcard but as it also uses the GPS signal in your smartphone, when you are in brighton you can select map mode from the main menu to guide you to its original tracks and trigger the experience or Postcards available from Phoenix galleries @ArtspacePhoenix in Brighton



Next meet-up 28.11.21 at 12pm, Brighton

The next public free meet-up will be on Sunday 28.11.21 to commemorate the 125th inaugural launch of Pioneer. Meet at midday on the Banjo Groyne concrete wall for a talk and to document waving if off on its departure. Please share photos from the event #Pioneer_AR. Links for all phones compatible are here

The view on Banjo Groyne of Paston Place as Pioneer arrives back from its inaugural journey

Pioneer AR download links

The link for Android devices  (requires Android 7.0 and up)

Check from a list of compatible Android phones as not all phones are compatible, turn any VPN off and allow GPS features to be on.

For all apple iOS devices just follow this link –

Follow the instructions, either use the postcard from Lighthouse (also available from Phoenix galleries & cafe ) to trigger the experience. Or come to the marina, see the maps for events, meeting place and follow us along the original tracks towards Roedean school & Ovingdean.

Please use #PioneerAR to follow us

the smartphone app is live on the 6th November for a year

The Pioneer AR app is available to download for Android and Apple on saturday 6th November, it will remain live for at least one year thanks to funding from The Arts Council of England.

For Android phones, the Pioneer AR is available on the Play Store at

For iPhones, due to COVID there are delays getting apps into the app store but we have a way to install it via Test Flight, which is the Apple testing platform – just follow this link –

I hope you are as excited as the Victorian train is to ride again !
If you come down to the original tracks at low tide in daylight hours, any month of the year, you can actually trigger the Pioneer to appear when standing on the remnants of the concrete that the rails were attached to !

Inside Pioneer app

We are testing the app for Android & iOS smartphones, keeping the user interface simple and clean, triggering the experience from a special (free) postcard or by visiting the original location along Kemptown seafront, heading towards Rottingdean

Postcards are currently in Lighthouse and will be in Phoenix galleries foyer from saturday. The free smartphone app Pioneer_AR launches on 06.11.21 and links will be here for all to use.

See the Pioneer original train tracks in the sea during low tide

Each month when the low tide happens with a full moon the original cement blocks beneath the sea, in the rock pools are revealed, the metal tracks where bolted onto these. Pioneer rain on wheels attached to these rails. Most metal was removed for scrap / recycling prior to WW1. This view is to the east side of Brighton Marina, the route we will walk alongside on the Undercliff path from 3-6pm.

App available from 06.11.21

The Pioneer_ AR app will be available to download from Google playstore and Apple iTunes App Store from saturday 6th November, the postcards are available from Lighthouse centre in Brighton now.

At 3pm on 06.11.21 we will meet in Brighton Marina in the Village Square to launch together and trace the route partially hidden in low tide, we will walk along the undercliff path which is paved. Here is a test photo as it glides down The Strand, that wasn’t there in its lifetime.

Here is the Pioneer being triggered from the postcard image, available in Lighthouse

Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton, BN1 4AJ, (+44) 01273 647197