Download and launch ‘Pioneer’ AR app on your smart device

If you are in Brighton you can select map mode from the main menu and head down to Kemp town seafront or the Marina to trace its route.

If you are not in Brighton you can still use the app and trigger a model of the Pioneer using one of the free postcards, or by pointing your smartphone running the app at another phone displaying this trigger image (or printing this image)

The Pioneer’s journey began in Kemp town at Banjo Groyne, on the sea front promenade at Paston Place. Pioneer will appear to scale and at the correct distance in the se approximately 250 ft from the shore. If however its a little higher than the current sea-level you can adjust its altitutde using the up and down arrows. It may appear above you if you are standing in the rock pools where its tracks used to be.

seeing inside Pioneer and using the navigational arrow to locate it

The large green arrow will guide you which way to go eg: head towards the Marina, walk through the Marina down ‘The Strand’ towards the sea defence wall. You will see Pioneer heading through the Marina and across the sea all the way eventually to Rottingdean. The Main menu is accessed by the icon on the far right of the screen.

If you are not in Brighton and have a ‘Pioneer’ postcard of the Daddy Longlegs enabled by ‘Apparitions’, you can trigger the experience anywhere you like using ‘postcard’ option from the main menu. A table top sized model will be accessible to explore including the interior including the plants and upholstered ottoman. You will hear the wonderful soundtrack playing seaside music hall tunes from wax cylinder at the same time ending with a very famous 1901 composition by Elgar.

Here are satellite images of Brighton Marina from Google maps, you can see the visible parallel train tracks underwater to the right of the Marina, aligned with ‘The Strand’ main road.