How to experience the Pioneer

The app will be live and available to download from the 6th of November 2021 !

Join the launch of the Pioneer (Daddy longlegs) at 3pm on Saturday 6th November 2021. Experience augmented Victorian engineering from 1896 on your smartphone by joining the artist’s walk. Using the geo-tagged features of the new free smartphone app when walking close to the original route it took it will trigger it to reappear out at sea.

We will meet in the village square of The Marina, seeing it where it once passed as this site hadn’t been built during its existence. The walk will be approximately 1.3 miles along the undercliff path observing the tracks if low tide permits visibility. We will return towards Brighton with a pause for refreshments at The Daddy Longlegs pub in kemptown.
Here is a map to help you begin.

For people heading back into Brighton, the start of The Pioneer’s journey began from ‘Banjo Groyne’ in Kemptown on the main promenade opposite Paston Place.

The car approaching the Paston Place Terminus, with a good view of the line poles supporting the overhead wire.

If you can’t make this and are not in Brighton make sure you collect a ‘Pioneer’ postcard of the Daddy Longlegs with instructions on the reverse, so you can trigger the experience anywhere you like.

Available in opening hours from :

1. Lighthouse, 28 Kensington St, Brighton BN1 4AJ from 28th October
2. The Daddy Longlegs pub, 1 Arundel place, Brighton, BN2 5TE
3. The Royal Victoria Hotel, Marina, St Leonards, Saint Leonards-on-sea TN38 0BD

The Sea Going Car, abandoned at the end of the rapidly decaying Ovingdean Gap Station, about 1902. The over-the-sea railway had only a short life, being in use from 1896-1901.

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Artist & consciousness researcher, using augmented reality and brainwave monitors. Visiting lecturer for MA Digital Media Arts in Brighton University.

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