14th April – Pioneer entertaining presentation in The Catalyst club, Brighton

Starting at 8pm in Manchester Street, Brighton, the basement of The Latest Music bar

tickets available on the door

Do come along for 3 entertaining speakers, music and drinks

I will also have the new vinyl postcard record for sale !
14 – 17 Manchester Street BN2 1TF Brighton


The view from inside the 1896 train carriage in 4D software ( in progress )

Using GenieMo software I presented myself from inside the augmented reality model of the train designed by engineer Magnus Volk that launched in 1896, and modelled in Blender. The lighting is still to be worked on and my sitting on the leather couch needs improvemennt. You may notice behind me at the end is another screen showing me demonstrating the AR. Music by myself from 2006.

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Next public talk – The Catalyst Club, Brighton, 14.04.22

On Thursday 14th April 2022 I will be one of the speakers at Dr David Bramwell’s amazing Catalyst club with the latest about Pioneer AR and the vinyl postcard.

The Catalyst Club, starts at 8pm Latest music bar, 14 – 17 Manchester Street
Brighton, BN2 1TF. Tickets & information : https://catalystclub.co.uk

Pioneer in the fish tank

If you have the free postcard you can trigger an experience of Pioneer (Daddy long legs) anywhere you are if you select ‘postcard’ from main menu, here is one I made with my tropical fish :

You can hear the ‘By the sea’ sung by Stanley Kirkby I sampled in the original soundtrack from the ‘Pioneer_AR’ app playing with the aesthetic of the wax cylinder recording technique of the day ( 1896-1901 ).

Also featuring ‘Why Can’t we have the Sea in London?’ written and composed by Fred Godfrey & Billy Williams (1911) and an excerpt from Elgar’s Enigma Variations / Nimrod from 1901.


Pioneer the record, limited edition ‘vinyl 5″ postcard’ for sale

In addition to the augmented reality artwork of Daddy long legs in Brighton using the Pioneer AR app, I am pleased to announce a limited edition ( just 100 ) special postcards made by injection moulding technique that can be played on a normal record deck !

If you like to order this limited edition vinyl postcard now, please email me for an invoice and PayPal details. It is just £12.50 plus £1.50 UK shipping, international rates available from my Discogs market place and from Per Diem on Bandcamp

In addition, it also triggers a 3D version of a Technics record deck whilst playing the record using a special AR app for most Android phones !

With a dub aesthetic and inspired by Mark Stewart and the Maffia’s ‘Jerusalem’ from ‘Learning to Cope with Cowardice’ album mixed in with William Burroughs, HG Wells and Elgar’s Nimrod variations, the music is made by myself and partner in ‘PerDiem’ band.

We orginally considered waiting to release it on Bandcamp on 24.12.21 which is the next date of ‘Bandcamp Fridays’ when the organisation have waived their fees and given their share directly to artists and independent labels.

However we have released – click here for Per Diem on Bandcamp

Daddy long legs & War of the worlds

Admiring the aesthetics accompanying H. G. Wells’ war of the worlds, made at the same time as Magnus Volk’s Pioneer in 1897.

‘Pioneer’ (Daddy long legs) and H. G. Wells’ novel ‘The War of the Worlds’ were both released publicly in 1896-1897. Eerie, imaginative, ambitious (with fragility ) they all show how exciting it was, ideas thoroughly of their late Victorian time. The illustrations first by British artist Warwick Goble, and then reprinted in 1906 with those by Henrique Alvim Corrêa.

#Art #volksrailway #Pioneer_AR

#hgwells #magnusvolk #victorianengineering

Artist talk & demo in Lewes

08.12.21 : Catalyst Club, Lewes Arms, Lewes , Luciana will deliver ‘Pioneer AR’ in a 15 minute presentation
( Click here to book tickets as venue has a limited capacity ) – it’s a great night with 3 speakers and much cheer, one I enjoy being in the audience for also !

There are two sittings, 7pm or 8.30pm you can book tickets for

Looking at Pioneer through the app using a postcard as the trigger, before heading out into The Marina to hunt the model on its tracks